DigiCert Basic EV SSL is an ideal certificate to build trust of customers. DigiCert performs fast verification process to check your business legal, physical, & operational existence. Get DigCert EV SSL within a few hours with robust encryption and highest authentication.

  • Symmetric 256-bit encryption
  • Highest Level of Validation
  • Unlimited Server Licensing
  • Netsure Warranty of $1.5M
Multi-year notes: You will have to re-issue your certificate every year to meet the CA/B Forum guidelines. It is a free process. Read more.
SSL2BUY Price $257.60/yr.
Vendor Price $1582.40
Total $1288.00
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DigiCert EV SSL certificate creates a trustworthy environment where customers can confidently do online transactions. The website will have robust 256-bit Encryption and the established brand that puts the website one step ahead of competitors.

DigiCert Basic EV SSL Features and Benefits

DigiCert Basic EV offers visual indicators like HTTPS, trust seal, a secured padlock to encourage visitors to deal with the website. An EV SSL certificate is recommended where the highest authentication is required.

Increase Brand Reputation

DigiCert EV SSL certificate offers a chance to increase brand reputation where a normal user can check the company’s verified identity proof in the browser easily. When a user clicks on a padlock, there will be authenticated company’s name in browser. It shows that the certificate authority has performed strict verification to issue an SSL certificate.

Secured Seal

DigiCert Secured Seal is a trusted mark ensures that the website is authenticated and provides robust encryption. The site seal helps to increase sales of a website as the site seal is a well-recognized symbol on the internet. It reduces cart abandonment as a website owner can place it on the desired web page of a site. A visitor can click on the site seal to check the details of an organization.

Highest Validation

DigiCert Basic EV SSL validates business existence on the physical, operational, and legal grounds and third-party business references. A customer can share his credentials and other monetary information on the website without any concern as the higher validation proves customers about the website credibility. Visitors can view the company’s details, including validated name in certificate details.

Mobile & Browser Compatibility

DigiCert Basic EV SSL certificate offers the highest compatibility with mail clients, different operating systems, both mobile and desktop platforms. Users can browse your website either on mobile or desktop browser, they will have smooth browsing experience as DigiCert has already entrenched its root certificate in browsers. No SSL warnings will be displayed while browsing the site.

Secures both www and non-www domains

Either you have purchased an SSL certificate on www domain or non www domain, DigiCert Basic EV SSL works for both domain versions. For SEO purpose, dual domain feature is beneficial. So, a user type without www in browser, the browser will fetch the correct domain name easily. You do not have to pay additional money to secure both domain versions.

Implrove Rankings in Search

Google does give priority to HTTPS and DigiCert Basic EV SSL is not an exception. This certificate will help you in boosting search rankings. Thus, if your website is using SSL certificate then, it is going to have ranking advantage in search engine. It means whether your site allow personal information or not, you still can get SEO benefit with an SSL installation.

Money-Back Guarantee

A Money-back guarantee is not an offer but a right to exercise by a buyer. Yes, a buyer can get a full refund of the purchased product if he is unsatisfied with the product. The only condition is a buyer must inform us within 30 days of purchasing an SSL product. There will be no questions to be asked to the buyer for the refund of the money.


DigiCert understands the loss arise out of a mis-issuance of an SSL certificate; hence, the authority offers a $1.5 million warranty amount. The warranty is given for any loss that occurs out of the mis-issuance of an SSL certificate (subject to terms and conditions). Thus, with DigiCert Basic EV SSL certificate, you will get dual benefits of warranty and online security.

All specs

Product Name Product Name Digicert EV SSL Certificate – Basic EV SSL
Price Price $257.60/yr.
sha2 ssl Algorithm SHA-2 Enabled
SSL improves Google Rankings Search Engine Visibility SSL will Boost Google Rankings
validation Validation Type Extended Business Validation
issuance Issuance Time 5–15 Business Days
domain secured Domains Secured domain.com + www.domain.com
server licenses Server Licenses Unlimited
csr CSR Encryption 2048-bit
ssl SSL Encryption Strong 256-bit Encryption
Trust Trust Indicators HTTPS, Padlock and Company Name w/ Country Code
smartphone support Mobile & Smartphone Support 99%
browser compatibility Browser Compatibility 99%
client os compatibility Client OS Compatibility 99%
malware scan Includes Malware Scan No
trust seal Includes Trust Seal Yes
SSL Reissuance Unlimited Free Reissues
warrnaty Warranty $1.5 Million USD by DigiCert
refund policy Refund Policy 30 Days 100% Money Back

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