GeoTrust Web Site Anti-Malware Scan

Validity 1 Year 2 Years
GeoTrust Price $195.00
SSL2BUY Price $50.00
You Save $145.00
vender price $195.00
per year

GeoTrust Web Site Anti-Malware Scan

Avoid being a hacked site with GeoTrust Web Site Anti-Malware Scan.

Get your websites scanned on a daily basis for avoiding malware attacks. GeoTrust Web Site Anti-Malware Scan helps protect your website from malware, track malware (if any) and destroy (if found) them successfully. It keeps your search listings optimized by ignoring the search engine blacklists.

Enhance your customer’s trust by displaying the GeoTrust Anti-Malware Seal.

Salient features of the GeoTrust Web Site Anti-Malware Scan:

  • Anti-malware scanning and checkups on regular as well on a daily basis.
  • Dual facility of analyzing as well as monitoring of web pages for recognizable malicious code and malicious activity to supply with easy cleaning up of the infected site.
  • Undelayed instant alerts, if found any malware on the site and hence aiding in the quick removal of malware.
  • Fully fledged support for on-demand scans for assuring the site’s status.
  • By exhibiting the trademark of GeoTrust, one of the world’s best CA and number 1 provider of SSL for the top 1 million most visited domains on the web.

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