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DigiCert EV Code Signing certificate offers the best-in-class wholesome digitally signed code in conjunction with an Extended Validation in-depth vetting process. Give your customers confidence that the code is not modified in any way with this reputed Code signing certificate. Free Tokens + Free Shipping Worldwide!
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publisher name

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instant smartScreen

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USB token

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Comparison Between OV and EV Code Signing Certificates

Product Name DigiCert EV Code Signing Certificate Sectigo EV Code Signing Certificate Comodo EV Code Signing Certificate DigiCert Code Signing Certificate
RSA Key 3072-bit or 4096-bit 3072-bit or 4096-bit 3072-bit or 4096-bit 3072-bit or 4096-bit
Encryption SHA-2 SHA-2 SHA-2 SHA-2
Issuance Time 5-7 Business Days 5-7 Business Days 5-7 Business Days 5-7 Business Days
Validation Type Extended Validation Extended Validation Extended Validation Organization Validation
Displays Verified Publisher Name
Instant SmartScreen Reputation
USB Token + Shipping FREE Paid Paid FREE
Individual Developer Eligibility
Microsoft Authenticode Signing
Windows 8 &10 Signing
Windows Vista X64 kernel Mode Signing
Microsoft Office VBA Signing
Apple OS X Signing
Java Signing
Mozilla Signing
Adobe AIR Signing
Microsoft Office 365 Signing
Windows Phone Apps Signing
Brew Code Signing
Microsoft Office Document Security
Refund Policy 30 Days 100% money back 30 Days 100% money back 30 Days 100% money back 30 Days 100% money back
Vendor Price
Now Only

Buy DigiCert EV Code Signing Certificate at Lowest Price

So, you have finally completed putting the finishing touches on your software, but have you secured it with DigiCert’s EV code signing certificate yet? If not, then it’s time to do it now!

Tamper proof your software and build customer assurance by offering safe downloads with the best-in-class EV empowered code signing certificate. Bid adieu to all sorts of warning messages with just one EV code signing certificate in place.

  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Lessen Installation Warning
  • Microsoft SmartScreen Application Reputation
  • 3072 or 4096-bit RSA Key
  • SHA-2 Encryption
  • Hardware Security Module
  • Supports Major Platforms
  • Extended Validation
DigiCert EV Code Signing

Features and Benefits of DigiCert EV Code Signing Certificate

Enables 2FA

Enables 2FA (2 Factor Authentication)

Enjoy enhanced security and control with DigiCert’s 2FA. Post the certificate’s purchase; the user will receive the private key stored on a USB device (token). Only those in possession of the USB device can sign code, thereby rendering security and enhanced authentication for your genuine software. One can understand that EV code signing possesses higher security that stores the private key and offers a PIN for extra protection.

Reduced Warning Messages

Reduced Warning Messages

Get rid of pesky Windows warning messages of all kinds by installing DigiCert EV code signing certificate. It fosters instantaneous trust with Microsoft’s SmartScreen Application Reputation filter. Microsoft Smart Screen Application Reputation filters out software grade and assures about software’s blacklist and white list condition. Your signed code will have a higher reputation.

Encompasses Time Sensitive Signing

Encompasses Time Sensitive Signing

DigiCert EV code signing certificate comes with an additional timestamp that will stay valid even after the original certificate expiry. If your cert lacks a timestamp, the signature expires along with the certificate, and you will need to re-sign your code.

Installation on Hardware Security Module

Installation on Hardware Security Module (HSM)

HSM is a trusted network computer that can perform key exchange, management, and key encryption. You can gain wider accessibility and greater control over private keys with HSM installation. Any employee with access to HSM in the organization can sign code with the certificate.

Universal Platform Compatibility

Universal Platform Compatibility

DigiCert EV code signing certificate supports major platforms like Kernel Model, Authenticode, Firefox, MS Office, Java, Windows 8, different formats like EXE, MSI, CAB, DLL, OCX, etc. ensures that you don’t need to reissue your certificate for signing codes in different platforms almost anywhere.