Digitally sign software’s code with DigiCert Code Signing Certificate that allows users a secure installation. Major platforms’ software and applications like MS Office VBA, Java, Microsoft Authenticode can be signed with this certificate using SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption.

  • Authenticity of Code
  • Avoid “Unknown Publisher” Warning
  • Increase User’s Trust
  • Timestamping Advantage
4 & 5 years subscription notes: You will have to re-issue your certificate after 3 years for extended validity. It is a free process. Read more.
SSL2BUY Price $359.20/yr.
Vendor Price $1996.00
Total $1796.00


User’s trust and confidence is essential when software or application is downloaded, and DigiCert Code Signing Certificate does precisely by securely signing an app, software, drivers. It assures users that the code they are downloading is legit and not altered by cyber culprits.

The certificate includes a timestamp, digital signature, and company’s name which boost the confidence of a user and avoids ‘Unknown Publisher’ warning generally displayed while downloading illegal software. For a tampered proof software’s code and enhanced trust, Code Signing certificate is essential for developers.

The DigiCert Code Signing Certificate is compatible with the SHA-2 algorithm.

Desktop Code Signing

Microsoft Authenticode:

DigiCert Code Signing certificate is available for Microsoft Authenticode that prevents unknown publisher warning with a digitally signed code. The certificate authenticates the code and assures users that the code remains intact since it is digitally signed. It validates the publisher’s identity and ensures code reliability.

  • Boost user’s trust.
  • The certificate works even in expiry state due to timestamping.
  • Empower Active X controls, plug-ins.
SSL2BUY Best Price: $359.20 /yr.


DigiCert Code Signing Certificate works for Java platform that can secure “.jar” files for the Java Runtime Environment. This certificate facilitates users to download their software with digitally signed code with a peace of mind.

  • Adopted by Java Runtime Environment.
  • Increase downloads by providing timestamp.
  • Digitally sign “.Jar” files.
SSL2BUY Best Price: $359.20 /yr.

Microsoft Office and VBA

DigiCert Code signing certificate can be applied on Microsoft Visual Basic for applications to sign MS Office Macros. The certificate hashes MS office and VBA during the code signing process. The authority needs to undertake business vetting before issuing a certificate.

Users will make sure that the original software code is from an authenticated source, and it has been intact. Once the code is signed, you can distribute the code. If you are tired of getting unknown publisher warning then, DigiCert Code Signing certificate helps to prevent such warning.

  • Build trust with proven identity.
  • It supports Organization Validation.
  • It carries highest browser compatibility.
  • Avoid code tampering.
SSL2BUY Best Price: $359.20 /yr.

Adobe AIR:

DigiCert Code signing is an ideal certificate for Adobe AIR applications. Users will easily recognize authenticated software code and will have no software’s warning when you sign Adobe AIR application. When users see a valid publisher’s name on the application, their trust level will be increased.

  • It ensures software integrity.
  • Can digitally sign “. air” or “.airi” files.
  • A timestamp helps in case of certificate expiry.
SSL2BUY Best Price: $359.20 /yr.

Extended Validation Code Signing:

Extended Validation Code Signing helps to improve the reliability of software. It builds an honest and legitimate reputation by allowing higher compatibility in major browsers and operating systems like internet explorer version 9+ and Windows 8. Moreover, a Smart screen reputation service augments the self-confidence of software developers.

  • Rigorous Vetting Process.
  • Smart Screen boosts reputation and end-user confidence.
  • An optional timestamp that keeps signature alive in case of certificate expiry.
  • It includes Hardware token with two-factor authentication.

Do you need EV Code Singing certificate?

SSL2BUY Best Price: $699 /yr.

Mobile Code Signing

Window Phone:

DigiCert Code signing certificate allows developers to sign Window phone and Xbox applications for Window platform.

  • Applicable to Windows 7.0 + versions.
  • Assures customers that their applications are legitimate.
  • Shows customers that they are using secure applications.
  • Code is authenticated for each application.
  • The code is not modified since it is built.
SSL2BUY Best Price: $359.20 /yr.

Windows Phone Private Enterprise:

Windows Phone Private Enterprise program can work with DigiCert Code Signing certificate. The certificate allows distribution of code and availability of an application. For a developer, it is quite necessary to go with Code signing certificate, if their application is based on windows platform.

  • The organization can have an application within internal client’s circle.
  • It helps to increase number of downloads.
  • Supports Old IE version as well Firefox and Chrome.
  • Compatible with Windows 2000, XP, and higher versions.
  • It is exclusively for Microsoft App Hub people.
SSL2BUY Best Price: $359.20 /yr.

All specs

Product Name Product Name DigiCert Code Signing Certificate
Price Price $359.20/yr.
sha2 ssl Algorithm SHA-2 Enabled
validation Validation Type Full organization validation
issuance Issuance Time 2-3 Business Day, or Less
domain secured Domains Secured Code and File Signing (Microsoft executables apps, Java, Adobe, Mac, Microsoft Documents )
server licenses Server Licenses
csr CSR Encryption 2048-bit
ssl SSL Encryption
Green Browser Bar No
smartphone support Mobile & smartphone support 100%
browser compatibility Browser compatibility 100%
client os compatibility Client OS compatibility 100%
malware scan Includes Malware Scan
trust seal Includes Trust Seal
ssl reissuance SSL Reissuance unlimited free reissues for certificate lifetime
warrnaty Warranty N/A
refund policy Refund Policy 30 Day 100% money back

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