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What is Free Trial SSL Certificate?

Free SSL certificate is the finest way for newbies to know about the functionality and installation process of the SSL certificate. No investment, but superior encryption is the main advantage of Free SSL certificate. You do not need to pay a single penny to get your certificate.

Get a free SSL certificate in just minutes by following simple three-step process.

ssl enrollment process

The website owner can show that their customer’s online transactions are safe now. Generally, the free SSL certificates are coming with the limited time trial period and upon expiry, you can renew your SSL by paying a specific amount or you can discontinue using SSL without spending money.

SSL seeker does not have to worry about the compatibility issue because free SSL comes with more than 99% browser compatibility so there will be no issue of certificate mismatch error or be warning messages. Please bear in mind that free SSL certificate from respected CA (certificate authority) is most trustworthy and acceptable than self-signed SSL certificate. You can easily get self-signed SSL certificates at free of cost, but it has browser compatibility issues.

As a result, the browser shows a warning of unknown certificate error; it cannot establish a secure connection to the web. We always recommend purchasing SSL certificate from a reliable certificate authority for win customer’s trust.