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Stay Safe over the Web While Online Shopping

People are visiting online shopping sites regularly and hear about fake websites pretend to be legitimate, aim to steal credentials information and money. It is true that buyers are not aware of their online safety and deal with any website innocently which can put them at risk.

Buyers will have to awake during shopping online and should check visible security sign before filling out personal information on a shopping site. It is very simple to identify that the website is authenticated and secured.

Be careful against Fake Websites:

Phishers always try to steal data of innocent users by landing them on a fake page that looks like a legitimate page. User names, passwords, credit or debit card details are ripe fruits for phishers, shoppers can save buyers from being a victim of online fraud by taking security safety measures.

Precautions to Stay Safe Over the Web:

Users should follow some simple steps that can keep away from cyber attacks and phishing websites.

Update Browser Continuously:

Many users are still using older version browsers and avoid updates, but such browsers have many bugs and hackers easily exploit them without user’s awareness. Hackers may inject vulnerability and use several types of threatening tricks such as viruses, Trojans, spyware, adware that can be exposed while browsing the web.

The new version of the browser comes with a bug-free module that founded in the previous version. It is most advisable that update your browser regularly to stay safe over the web.

Get to know about HTTPS:

What makes the difference between an ordinary HTTP site and secure HTTPS site. Yes, an extra “S” offers superior security to websites on which customers can freely transfer sensitive information.

If you are a buyer and want to purchase anything online, make sure the website URL starts with HTTPS means the site is authenticated by trusted third-party certificate authorities. A secured site fends off phishing, malware, and other threats and provides a secure environment for both parties visitors and customers.

Be Assured with Norton Secured Seal:

There are many trusted certificate authorities in the market who are providing the different secure site seal with their SSL certificates that ensure about the website authenticity and security. Norton Secured Seal as a part of the Symantec product and it is the most recognized site seal that gives assurance to visitors and customers.

Almost it is observed billion times across 170 countries during a day. Nearly, 90% of visitors would like to buy from a website that is enabled with Norton Secured Seal.

It comes with any Symantec SSL certificates at free of cost or you can get as an individual product Symantec Safe Site, the website owner can put this seal on any web page of a site where the assurance is required, but it is more recommended that enable it on entire website.

Norton Secure seal scans on a daily basis for potential malware, threat, adware, spyware and notifies the owner about any nefarious activities found on the website.

Even visitors can find the Norton seal in the search engine results placed next to the website links. When visitors see the seal, they easily put the trust on the website as a result, the business will have more customers.

stay safe over the web with SSL