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Installation of SSL certificate on Juniper NetScreen

Juniper NetScreenOnce you generated CSR on Juniper NetScreen server, your information has been verified by the certificate authority, the certificate will be issued via email that contains three files.

  • The Local Certificate (primary certificate).
  • The CA certificate (intermediate certificate).
  • The CRL certificate (root certificate).

Instructions to Install an SSL Certificate on Juniper NetScreen

  1. To install SSL, You have to load primary certificate initially.
  2. Open the WebUI and under menu browse Objects >> Certificates.
    objects certificates
  3. There will be a dialogue box appeared in which click on the drop-down menu named “Show” and select “Local”. After that, browse for primary certificate file (domain_name.crt) that you saved earlier. Select the file and click Load.
    Primary Certificate
  4. Now you have to load intermediate certificate, click on the drop-down menu named “show” and select “CA” this time. Now browse for an intermediate certificate (CAname.crt) and select the file and click on Load.Intermediate Certificate
  5. Now you have to load root certificate, click on “Show” drop-down menu and select “CA”. Browse and select root certificate file (TrustedRoot.crt) and click on Load.
    Root Certificate
  6. Finally, your SSL certificate is generated and installed on Juniper NetScreen server.

Once certificate installed on your Juniper Network, you should use our SSL installation checker  to verify the certificate installed correctly. This tool will help to diagnosis SSL misconfiguration and avoid browser warning massages.