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Install an SSL Certificate on Zeus Web Server

In the previous article, we discussed about CSR generation on Zeus web server. Now, in this useful article, we will go through SSL installation instruction on Zeus web server.

  1. Generally, certificate authority sends zip file containing 3 files.
    1. yourdomain certificate
    2. Intermediate CA certificate
    3. Root certificate

    You have to store zip file on your server and extract files.

  2. Open a text editor, copy and paste the certificate including Begin and End tag that will look like this.
    (Your Site Certificate Encoded Text)
    -----END CERTIFICATE-----
    (Intermediate CA Encoded Text)
    -----END CERTIFICATE-----
    (Root Encoded Text)
    -----END CERTIFICATE-----
  3. Now, login to the web server and on the left menu select SSL certificate.
    select ssl certificate on zeus web server
  4. On right side, Under Certificate Set, choose Generate CSR or Replace certificate.
    generate csr under certificate set
  5. You will have to copy the text from the text editor and paste it into Signed Certificate box. Now click on OK.
    copy paste signed certificate
  6. Under Verifying the New certificate title, click on “Accept this certificate” button.
    ssl zeus accept this certificate
  7. Your SSL certificate is set, but you need to assign it to the website. Click on Home link on the left side.
  8. On right side, under Virtual server status, tick the box against virtual server for configuration and click on Configure button.
    configure servers
  9. You will have a screen, which show configuration summary, where you need to click on SSL enabled.
    configuration summary
  10. Next, pick SSL is enabled option and below select an SSL certificate set to use from drop down menu.
    ssl is enabled
  11. Apply changes and restart the web server.

SSL Installation Checker:

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