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How to Generate a CSR in Media Temple Grid Control Panel

Step-by-step instructions to Generate a CSR in Media Temple Grid Control Panel

Generate CSR in Media Temple Grid Server is a primary requirement to complete your SSL certificate purchase process and installation process.

Create a CSR in Media Temple Grid

  1. Log into Account Center at Media Temple.
  2. Look at navigation bar, click on “DOMAINS” and choose your desired domain name.Select Domain Name
  3. From the “GRID Control Panel”, go to the “ADD-ON” option and click on “SSL CertificatesClick on SSL Certificates If you want to secure multiple domains, then go to “ALTERNATIVE DOMAIN ADMIN” section and click on “SSL Certificate“. Ensure that add your alternative domains only, not a primary domain.Alternate Domains
  4. Click on “GENERATE CSR” button under Certificate Signing Request.Click on Generate CSR
  5. Add all information in the form to generate a request for your certificate. Ensure that the organization name is same as mentioned on your business registration documents.Fill out your organization information
  6. Click on GENERATE.
  7. CSR is created. Now, copy all CSR text and paste it into the text editor.
    encrypted text

You have to submit your generated certificate signing request during SSL certificate configuration process. The trusted third-party certificate authority will follow the authentication procedure depending on your requested certificate and send the certificate via email. Please refer our SSL validation guide to learn more about verification process and requirements.

Once you received the certificate, then you have to follow our guide to install SSL certificate in Media Temple Grid Control Panel.

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