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Create CSR & Install SSL certificate on HSphere

Being a multiple server web hosting solution, HSphere is a scalable and automated billing system that improves your web hosting tasks. HSphere is a flexible solution to which a user can add additional web, mail, database, and DNS servers. It works on Java and offers a simple web interface. In this article, we will go through the SSL installation procedure in HSphere control panel.

Generating a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) in Hsphere

  • Log in your user Control Panel.
  • On control panel home page, Click on SSL.
  • Enable SSL for your domain.
  • Open the Edit SSL page and click the Import SSL certificate link.

ssl import

  • Under New SSL Support page, click on Generate a temporary SSL certificate and certificate request.

ssl temp link

  • Now, Fill the information and apply with Submit button:

ssl temp

  • You will have a page with CSR, private key and temporary SSL certificate in plain text, click on Submit Query. Copy the CSR and private key for SSL installation process.

ssl key

Install SSL Certificate on Hsphere

  • Once you receive an SSL certificate, then download them to a secure location on your server (where you saved private key and CSR). Now open them in a text editor and copy the encrypted text into HSphere to install them.
  • Log in to HSphere control panel, click on SSL. Click the Edit button under the SSL field on the Web Services page.
  • Now paste the content of your primary certificate file in “Install Certificate based on previously generated Certificate request” including BEGIN CERTIFICATE AND END CERTIFICATE tags.

hsphere ssl install

  • After that, paste the content of your intermediate certificate file in the Certificate Authority File box.

hsphere ssl install certauthfile

  • Click on the Upload button.
  • Now SSL certificate is installed and ready to use. You can use our SSL certificate checker tool that can help you diagnose troubleshoots.