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Note: This Product has been Discontinued.


Sunsetting of Symantec Safe Site Product

To step up with the modern security needs and keeping long-term goals, Symantec has decided to discontinue Symantec Safe Site product as of March 2016. Symantec Safe site can individually be purchased without any SSL certificate earlier. Any customer who has Norton Secured Seal on the website will be expired once the validity period is over.

To make product category simple, Symantec decided to eliminate such product. Therefore, Symantec Safe site product will be discontinued as per the given deadline. Symantec decision about Safe site product will not influence seals for other products.

Get Free Norton Seal w/ DigiCert SSL Certificates

In order to endure Norton Secured Seal on your website, just purchase any DigiCert SSL certificate and you will get a seal with same features.

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